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We are an integral and organic studio, a team composed of multidisciplinary professionals who offer innovative solutions in life experience proposals.

Our projects are born when an opportunity is identified, where we design and construct solutions, offer a creative experience throughout the whole process.

In our design concept, we rethink the ways of living. We value life experiences around a community.
We think sustainability and social responsibility as main elements of our shared value proposal.
Our passion for architecture, decoration and the satisfaction that our project results give us, inspire us.


We propose ourselves to create high quality designs. To value our creativity at the service of people’s habitat and communities.
We integrate modern and sustainable architecture concepts with urbanism which develops and improves the habitability that surrounds us.
We join the interests of people who are looking for a place to live and investors who support and believe in our projects.
We are different because we prioritize life quality and the environment.


We grasp architecture and urbanism as a relationship between space and time. We pay attention to its uses and the way in which they speak of the meanings given to the collective.
We believe in revaluing the social structure and the relationship that unify us as people from a system of places that integrate public and private spaces.
In our projects, we integrate a sustainable habitat vision that harbors an exclusive and transforming life experience.


MATER literally means mother, but with the “ter” suffix, it denotes kinship and it appears in words such as “pater”, “fater”.

TER has group sense, with the same origin, same stem, same timber. Departing from raw materials which acquire shape and hold bonds: the previous, the future, the near.

In the suffix we see ourselves reflected and breathe union – fusion. It’s here where we are born in order to shape the future

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